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Presentation Awards Assemblies

18 Dec 2021


Unfortunately, we were unable to invite families to help us to celebrate the achievements of our dedicated students. We were also unable to hold whole school or year group ceremonies to distribute awards, medals and trophies. Instead, we held small scale presentations with our award recipients in our school Library with each of our Year Advisers, our student leadership team, our Principal and Deputy Principals so that our students could be presented with their prizes.

We would like to congratulate all of our award recipients for their successes, both inside and outside the classrooms. As always, we take pride in the outstanding academic, sporting, vocational education, community participation and artistic achievements of our students throughout 2021.

To ensure our families are able to share in the successes of students, we have created this Presentation Award video. Congratulations once again to all of our award recipients for these outstanding achievements.

Click here for the 2021 Awards Ceremony Video (External Link)