James Busby High School

Excellence, Equality, Respect, Safety

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About our school

James Busby High School is situated in a fast growing area of south-west Sydney.

The school takes pride in its strong stand against violence and harassment as well as the strong harmony which exists between people from different backgrounds and cultures. Attractive grounds are a feature of the school.

The school has excellent facilities including an extensive upgrade of our science laborities, new shade areas, a fully refurbished commercial kitchen, a new front office and airconditioning in all classrooms.

James Busby High School aims to provide a safe and happy environment for the whole school community where all individuals are respected and valued.

Students are provided with a diverse range of learning experiences within a dynamic and creative environment. Quality teaching and student achievement are valued and celebrated.

Mission statement

School community

At James Busby High School, the 'school community' means students, teachers, school assistants, parents, carers and the community members from the wider community who have an interest in our school.

To achieve our mission we will:

  • Manage our financial and physical resources effectively, efficiently and flexibly. This will involve participation by the school community
  • Develop an environment through which staff, students, parents and community can interact and learn for mutual benefit and growth in their professional and personal lives
  • Build a safe, caring, supportive environment, which will promote healthy emotional and physical growth of each student. We will achieve quality of opportunity, positive self esteem, tolerance, respect and a sense of purpose for each student
  • Provide an enriched curriculum, which will enhance optimum learning outcomes, by providing a diverse and relevant curriculum to meet the individual students. The curriculum will provide for the extension of exceptional students while ensuring opportunities for individuals' success and positive self-esteem
  • Develop a partnership with the community which will involve them both in the learning and decision making processes; communicate and promote the work and achievements of the diverse school groups to the wider community and encourage pride in one's self, one's school and in the community
  • Develop an enhanced culture of learning through providing excellence in teaching.