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Student representative council

Aims and purpose

The aim of the Student Representative Council (SRC) is to work as a team and develop leadership skills within the school and the wider community. This is achieved through developing student’s values and responsibilities towards common goals for the school and the community, which is encompassed by the school’s core values.

Through exemplary leadership and a strong commitment to the student body, the SRC strive to work equally with our fellow students to create and nurture constructive ideas and thus have a positive contribution to the culture of James Busby High School (JBHS). The JBHS Student Representative Council aims to ensure students will have increased opportunity to perceive themselves as leaders of the school.

Roles and responsibilities

As part of the Student Representative Council at our school, students must:

  • Be a role model for other students by upholding all school values, rules and property.
  • Represent the school during school and community events. 
  • Take action within the school to assist in the improvement of student wellbeing, safety and the physical environment of the school.
  • Organise and promote functions and activities held by the SRC.
  • Work cooperatively with staff and students.
  • Wear correct school uniform at school and during school events.
  • Be an active listener and contribute during SRC meetings.


The SRC supports Australian charities by holding annual fund raising events. Some of the charities we support include:

  • The Cancel Council
  • The Fight Cancer Council
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital
  • The Sheppard Centre
  • Legacy House.


The SRC also hold events to raise awareness for important issues facing everyone. These include:

  • Harmony Day
  • White Ribbon Day
  • R U OK? Day.