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Work placement

Students undertaking VET subjects are required to complete 35 hours per year of mandatory work placement in order to fulfill course requirements. 

Whilst on work placement students should be mindful that they are representing not only themselves but James Busby High School and therefore should ensure that their conduct, attitude and attire is appropriate at all times and meets all standards/requirements. Failure to do so may result in an N award. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to gain good work placement venues for our VET students. Making a good impression on employers not only gives our school a good name, but helps to strengthen and secure the venue for work placement for future VET students. In addition, students must ensure their work placement journal is completed and then submitted to their class teacher upon their return from work placement. It is also the student's responsibility to catch up on any school work missed (from all subjects studied) whilst on work placement.

Ms C Hindi

School VET Coordinator

VET related information and documents

Information related to your work placement and associated documentation will be supplied to you upon enrolment into VET courses, by your VET Coordinator.

Speak to your VET Coordinator or Careers Advisor for more information.