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Creative arts

In creative arts, students discover a variety of art forms through a study of dance, drama, music and visual arts.

Vision statement

The Creative arts faculty strives to extend students skills through rich learning experiences in both Music and Visual arts, that cultivate creativity, diversity and continuous artistic development.

We aim to develop confidence in our students to use traditional and modern resources, as well as technology, to deliver creative performances, productions and exhibitions.

About the faculty

The Creative arts faculty at our strives to provide students with opportunities to excel in music and visual arts. 

We are dedicated to the individual needs of all our students and our programs are continually evolving to ensure that relevant and meaningful content is always a part of our student experiences. We recognise that quality teaching is dependent upon student engagement and students work in both visual arts and music is exhibited regularly. 

Over the past year, we have made significant investment in both high quality equipment and modern technology so that students can experience all available media. We have also forged close links with teaching staff at Green Valley Public School to collaboratively develop new and interesting art experiences that can then be transferred to a primary school setting.


  • Mrs W Martin - Head Teacher 
  • Mr P McClaughlin  - Teacher     
  • Mr A Sanchez - Teacher / Assistant Year 7 Adviser
  • Mr M Swindells - Teacher    

Courses offered

  • Year 9/10 - Music
  • Year 9/10 - Visual Arts
  • Year 9/10 - Photography and Digital Media.
  • Year 11/12 - Music 1
  • Year 11/12 - Visual Arts
  • Year 11/12 - Photography and Digital Media.


  • “Beats” series of performances in which students participate in lunchtime music at different locations in the school. ​
  • Annual art exhibition which showcases student achievement in Visual arts.
  • Specific concerts - often with a charity fund-raising focus.
  • Vocal group.
  • Participation in formal events – both art and music are represented in the presentation night.
  • Initiation of and participation in Project Based Learning with a wider community focus.
  • Participation in “Speaking for the Planet”.


Over the year, various forms of assessment tasks are used in Creative arts to evaluate student learning and understanding in each year group, and for all subjects offered.

All students are provided with an assessment notification at least 2 weeks prior to each scheduled task being held. It is important that students read and understanding this information and seek clarification, where necessary, well in advance of that task occurring.

Information about assessment tasks in Creative arts are communicated to students and parents through the SkoolBag App, and also located on the assessment and reporting section of this site.