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VET courses

James Busby High School has an enrolment of 699, including 39 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and 70% students from a non-English speaking background and is a comprehensive high school supported by significant Resource Allocation Model Equity Funding.

The school has a Support unit comprising 4 classes for students with mild intellectual disabilities and 2 classes for students with moderate intellectual disabilities. The school has a strong focus on quality teaching, literacy and numeracy enhancement, values driven classroom management and a welfare system that empowers its staff and students to maximise their potential.

The school employs two part-time community liaison officers to promote community involvement. The school also funds an after school homework centre and staffs a learning centre for small group tutorials to address specific literacy and numeracy needs.

James Busby High School envisages a future for education committed to quality teaching and learning in every classroom. Our students will experience an inclusive education with opportunities to develop into confident and creative global citizens. Our teachers will provide an innovative curriculum that enables quality and dignified access to learning opportunities for a diverse student body.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) forms a significant component of the curriculum at James Busby High School. Currently, we have 130 students undertaking studies in one or more VET framework courses.

At James Busby High School we have the capacity to offer three VET frameworks. They are:

  • Construction

  • Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)

  • Retail Services.

If you have any enquiries regarding a VET course please see the school VET coordinator Ms C. Hindi.