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Support unit

Vision statement

The Support unit believes in equity and access for students of all abilities, creating an inclusive educational environment with a sense of belonging. Students are provided with a platform for participation and an opportunity to celebrate success through achievement of personalised milestones in inclusive educational programs.  

About the faculty

Our school has a Support unit comprising of 10 classes for students with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities and Autism. The staff in our faculty collaborate to create a positive learning environment that promotes a culture of acceptance amongst all students. Students experience engaging, well-planned lessons catering to their individualised needs.

The Support unit comprises professional, qualified and dynamic teachers and learning support officers with specialised skills in delivering modified curriculum to students.


  • Mrs M Bray - Head Teacher - IM (Relieving)
  • Miss T. Au - Teacher,  Assistant Year Advisor
  • Miss M. Fares - Teacher
  • Mrs A. Gorham - Teacher, 2IC
  • Mrs C. Kopanovski  - Teacher
  • Mr S. Smirski  - Teacher
  • Mr A. Suljevic - Teacher, Transition Co-ordinator


  • Mrs R. Prasad - Head Teacher - IO/AU (Relieving)
  • Mrs S. Devi - Teacher
  • Miss J. Davis - Teacher
  • Miss K. Diep - Teacher
  • Mrs S. Mohammad - Teacher
  • Mrs O. Pham - Teacher
  • Mrs K. Pinder – Teacher, Year Advisor
  • Mrs A. Samuel – Teacher, Year Advisor, 2IC


  • Mrs J. Bishop - School Learning Support Officer (SLSO)
  • Mrs G. Farlow - SLSO
  • Mrs J. Ihlow - SLSO
  • Mr T. Roberts - SLSO
  • Mr C. Trpkovski - SLSO
  • Mrs M. Vasquez - SLSO.

Subjects offered

In Year 7 and Year 8, students enjoy life skills courses in:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Music
  • Languages
  • Design and technology
  • Visual arts
  • HSIE.

In Year 9 to Year 12, students enjoy additional life skills courses in

  • Work skills.


Students are provided the opportunity to participate in various programs like:

  • Community Access
  • Literacy development
  • Numeracy development
  • Technological development
  • Social development
  • Work Experience.