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Return to school

Classroom and Playground Expectations

During PHASE 1, for the health and safety of staff and students:

  • No classroom will exceed 15 students.
  • Students will line-up outside their classroom in-line with social distancing guidelines and await their teacher’s instructions to enter.
  • Prior to entering the classroom, each student will be provided with hand sanitiser.
  • Students will be assigned a desk for the day and remain in their seats for the duration of each lesson.
  • Students will be asked to remain in allocated areas of the playground.
  • Currently, no contact sports are allowed.

Health Reminder

Whilst a gradual return to school continues and during this coronavirus pandemic, we ask that parents/carers use extra diligence in monitoring their child’s health when sending them to school.

As recommended by NSW Health, please keep your child/young person home if they show any sign of cold/flu symptoms until they are better. If symptoms are presented at school, please do expect that you will be contacted to pick him/her up. This is to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff.

Return schedule

During PHASE 1 Students in Years 7-10 will return to school for one day per week , Year 11 will return two days per week and Year 12 four days per week.

Year 7 - Monday Weeks A and B

Year 8 - Tuesday Weeks A and B

Year 9 - Wednesday Weeks A and B

Year 10 - Thursday  Weeks A and B

Year 11 - Monday and Friday Weeks A and B

Year 12 - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Weeks A and B